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Lebanon’s Sky Wonders

The day sky holds many beautiful phenomena as related to the light refraction, the clouds formation and many other factors.  Some of them are rarely seen or even captured, and Lebanon’s sky was so generous during the current year to exhibit a beauty like no other.

As for the night sky,its wonders exceed those of the day as it exhibits wonderful scenes as the milky way, moon halo, and the lightning.

Sun Halo

The sun halo is an optical phenomenon that takes place due to sunlight refraction in ice crystals of the atmosphere, formed very high up.

Usually, a sun halo means that there is a storm approaching.

Iridescent Clouds

This is such a beautiful and relatively rare phenomena as it appears like a short rainbow between the clouds or at the their edges.  It is a colorful optical phenomena that takes place in the cloud, when the water droplets scatter sunlight forming the rainbow clouds.

Multiple Clouds Formations

The clouds are always affected by the air surrounding them and its temperature.

As per the weather expert Mr. Joe el Kareh, there are many clouds shapes that form in Lebanon’s atmosphere, some of which are the Cumulonimbus, Mamatus, and Cirrus clouds.  The different shapes can be interpreted differently in terms of forcasting the weather..


It is true that there is no rainbow without clouds, and due to Lebanon’s weather the dance between the clouds and its droplets create beautiful rainbows abundantly.

This year, the rare horizontal rainbow appeared faintly over Metn and Beirut sea, as you can see in the first photograph. 

Night sky wonders

Lebanon’s sky displays a great show at night especially in places void from light pollution, and absolutely during storms!

All photographs are the copyright of Nidal Majdalani – Travelling Lebanon

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