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Ms. Nidal Majdalani, the publisher and the sponsor of the website’s tourism section, harbors an extraordinary passion for her homeland. Her actual lifestyle for more than 10 years as a hiker and traveler across Lebanon empowered her with deep tourism knowledge of each area of the country.

Lebanon’s strategic geographical location and its diversified terrain that combines the sea and mountains, coupled with moderate weather and tasty Mezze, attracts tourists that seek leisure and adventure all year round. It was also a target to many civilizations that settled in and left their traces all over the land, contributing with priceless historical landmarks.

Each photograph shared by Nidal in this tourism section tells a story. She divides them into broad categories, with no mention of names to avoid favoritism and uneven exposure. Her exhibited work presents just a sample of her huge, unmatched, high-quality photography images, and a vast content portfolio that covers almost every aspect of the country, in every season. Her aim here is to reflect Lebanon’s beauty and highlight its countless tourism strategies and vast opportunities.

Nidal is a sincere ambassador for the country’s nature, ecotourism, and internal tourism, with a business strategist mind. She was not originally a photographer and writer, as she’s a holder of an MBA from AUB and worked in the Finance industry for many years. She invested in her talents to transfer Lebanon’s true beauty through her creative eye.

Spending her free time in nature and rural areas transformed into a mission, as she witnessed the huge need to protect nature, and drive people to support villagers through internal tourism, and to help them stay in their lands. This went in parallel to challenging the horrible image portrayed in mainstream news about Lebanon while she only saw a magnificent Lebanon.

Annahar published an interview with Nidal in 2018 and paved the way towards publishing her tourism articles and iteniraries, as she named her initiative “Travelling Lebanon” . Other websites and magazines followed their lead, hence publishing more than  60 photo-based articles. One of her largest publications was the first online photo-based reference for internal tourism, covering border to border and captured by her lens.

Her blog will be revamped soon after being ignored due to circumstances, and as per her readers’ requests, her future work will even extend beyond her original approach.

All photographs are registered and copyrighted ©️®️ Nidal Majdalani – Travelling Lebanon – 2022.

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