Lebanon’s Adventure & Leisure

With Lebanon’s varied terrain and seasons and given the Lebanese passion for life and joy, it goes without saying that the country offers unlimited ways to embark on an adventure whether on land, sea or riding the sky!  This goes in parallel to relaxing and spending leisure time in the best way possible.

Adventure Time

Beside the connection to nature and the peaceful feeling that you will feel while hiking, you may pass through some hidden gems as well.  Other fun activities that the country offers is diving to see some historical ruins as a pillar, an old ship wreck, or underwater sea caves.  Moreover, the water activities cannot be counted as rafting, canyoning, jet ski, … Same as the land activities that can be, beside hiking, off-roading, biking, mountain climbing, snowshoeing,… Then you will have to try the paragliding to have an overall taste of adventure in this beautiful country.s



And for those who prefer relaxing to adventure, Lebanon is definitely the place to be, with the many beach and snow resorts, nature bungalows, boat riding, nature escapes, old cities walks, shopping areas and malls, and many other while satisfying the taste with the Mezze table and the Lebanese sweets, beside any cuisine you may crave.

All photographs are the copyright of Nidal Majdalani – Travelling Lebanon

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