Code of Conduct

The code extends to all staff and members of the association, providing  
guidance on matters of acceptance and avoidance


Conflicts of interest may arise, in which a certain personal interest may interfere in the duties and responsibilities of a certain member or employee. Therefore, to retain both personal and organizational integrity, conflicts of interest must be avoided at all costs.


ATTAL is an inclusive, supportive, and diverse work environment, and biasness is not tolerated among employees, managers, and members. At ATTAL, we strive to remain impartial and consistent with the level of service we provide to all travel agencies across Lebanon.


At ATTAL, we pride ourselves for continuous personal and professional development, therefore, all employees are expected to be familiar with ongoing industry trends, coursework, and necessary qualifications that will allow them to execute their responsibilities perfectly at all times.


Whilst registering travel agencies is our main goal, the association has access to sensitive and confidential data that must be encrypted as needed. The agencies rely on ATTAL’s trustworthiness, and to keep that trust, employees and members are expected to safeguard the privacy of all retained information through strict authorization and access.


Utmost professionalism and formality is implemented among employees and members alike. This rationale stems from a work efficiency perspective, in which a respectful, tolerant, and professional work environment allows employees and members to make great strides towards achieving organizational goals.