Code of Conduct

ATTAL code of conduct aims to set a frame of reference for members to conduct ethical, professional and responsible business which leads to a sustainable local tourism industry in a complex and ever-evolving sector.

This code is to ensure that our members consistently provide exceptional service to their clients and communities, as well as to each other.

We will ensure regular review of our policies and procedures to make sure they are up-to­-date with current industry standards and best practices.

Ethical trading

We believe that ethical trading helps to build a more stable and sustainable industry. Ethical trading is a way of conducting business that aims to maximize the value for all parties. It requires a commitment to doing what's right, ethically, for customers, employees and the environment. We do our part by promoting and continuously increasing awareness towards responsible business practices. ATTAL members are entrusted to implement integrity, transparency & respect while maintaining a fair competition environment.


It is essential that members adhere to transparency when dealing with their customers. It means providing clear information about the products or services offered, as well as the terms of service and customer rights. It involves making sure customers understand their rights and responsibilities. We should make sure that all relevant information is easily accessible so that customers can make informed decisions about their purchases. Such transparency is to be applicable in verbal & nonverbal communication such as advertising brochures, vouchers and any printed or online materials.

No discrimination

Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all our members. All people should be treated with dignity and respect. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We stand against discrimination in all forms. We work hard to make sure every employee, customer, colleague, industry partners & stakeholders feels in a discrimination-free environment.

Compliance with the local rules & regulations

ATTAL members should be committed to ensuring the compliance with local laws & regulations. It is a priority at Attal to work closely with the Lebanese MoT, lATA, Airlines, concerned governmental bodies and industry partners to ensure that members are not violating any of the industry or local legislation. Membership of members proven to have violated and of such laws can be suspended as per the ATTAL internal bylaw.

Improved standard of service & personnel

Our association aims to improve the standard of the travel agency operation, quality of service delivered and level of personnel. We aim to be an industry that people can rely on. Our customers have the right to expect that their products and services will be delivered on time and correctly. We also want to provide our employees with a workplace where they can feel valued and continuously developed.

Responsible business management

Responsible business management is about making the business environment a better place to operate. It involves maintaining a positive and productive working environment, creating an effective organizational structure that supports employees, customers, and suppliers. The use of effective processes is to ensure that an organization meets its goals in a way that is fair, efficient, and effective.

Duly payment of dues (debts, refunds & financial liabilities)

All members shall be committed for ensuring that dues, debts and refunds are paid in a timely manner. Defaults and failure to pay on time to industry partners & suppliers is a very serious action that can lead not only to legal implications, but also to a total destruction of the corresponding brand. At ATTAL we consider that we -as a local travel community- are as strong as the brand and reputation of each and everyone of our members. This code is shedding light on the best management of your financials to avoid any sort of financial defaults.

Proper representation of ATTAL membership & Lebanon

ATTAL works closely with government authorities and other stakeholders in order to ensure that all members adhere to high standards when providing services. Representation of a nation can be achieved through various means such as diplomatic relations, economic ties, and cultural exchanges. Members are to be reminded that they not only represent their business entity or even the travel community, but they represent the nation and the country. Therefore, it is highly important to respect this representation in any form of trading or communication with clients, suppliers, and other parties.

Fair competition

ATTAL aims to ensure fair competition among all members. it is important that competition remains fair and equitable. We actively encourage open communication between members, especially that our association is a remarkable platform for collaboration between members with respect to fair competition and antitrust laws.

Trade with unaccredited entities

Members should refrain from conducting any business with agents that are not accredited (locally or internationally) or any entity that violates law or have been condemned in violating any law and not been cleared, to avoid financial and legal implications.