Attal was founded on the 25th of June in 1949, as a pioneer association bringing together travel and tourism agents across Lebanon. It is the national body representing the travel and tourism industry, in accordance with Decision 6848 from the Ministry of Economic and Social Affairs.

Our Mission & Vision

Our main goal is to establish a reputation of trust, reliability, and goodwill between the association’s registered tourism agencies and travelers heading towards our beloved country. Therefore, we are currently relaunching ATTAL to exceed international expectations and serve our travel agents to the best of our capabilities.


Attal’s main objective is to represent travel agents on a national, regional and global level, hence raising interest in Lebanese tourism across the world. 

Fast forward 73 years after establishment, Attal currently works tirelessly to represent travel agents across Lebanon, and boost the country’s flourishing tourism sector. With this objective in mind, Attal has been striding towards technological advancement, mainly through revamping the main website, creating innovative promotional material, and enhancing user-friendly access to the association’s multitude services.

While a relaunch is in progress, ATTAL abides by its promises in an unparalleled and consistent manner, including:
1- To stimulate and develop the Lebanese travel and tourism sectors.
2- To become the liaison and formal representative for travel and tourism agents.
3- To protect the interests and defend the rights of Lebanese travel and tourism agents, both individually and collectively.
4- To strive towards enhancing the professional, social, and financial conditions of employees within the tourism sector.
5. To promote professional and personal development of employees within the sector through the organization of seminars, conventions, and relevant courses.
6. To witness and intervene in disagreements with court and public administration as an independent third-party organization.
7. To establish and improve necessary legislation for the travel trade industry.
8. To identify travel agents’ necessities and control travel pricing.
9. To position Lebanon as an ultimate touristic destination by representing its travel agents in global tourism organizations and congresses.
10. To offer reliable and trustworthy guidance for travelers, tourists, and emigrants.
11. To establish and implement juridical tourism and transport (air, sea, and land) legislation.